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   There is a fantastic feeling that one feels when they have been asked to be the maid of honor for a bachelorette party. It is truly a really great honor because it means that the bride values you as a person that they can trust and a person that they would love to have by their side during the most important moment of their life. Not only that, but the bride to be also trust the maid of honor to be by her side during the difficult and often stressful wedding planning process. Just think about it, the wedding planning process is truly a very stressful time with so many things to consider such as guest lists, menu items, music options, and so on and so forth. With so many things on her mind, it's easy to see why the bride to be would need someone to have by her side. It is your job as the maid of honor to plan all sorts of events and activities that will keep the bride to be's mind clear and stress free as possible. These activities can include visits to the chiropractor, the spa, and even the bars on the weekends. However, the one event that is the most important for the maid of honor to plan is the Bachelorette Party.

  The bachelorette party is truly vital to the whole wedding process. The bride truly expects to have a bachelorette party where she can let her hair down and really go wild, celebrating her weaning days as an unmarried woman. It should be a time where she can really go crazy and all out, and relieve all of the stress that she has undergone during the wedding planning process. However, many people have never planned a bachelorette party before so even the most organized and forward thinking maids of honor have a hard time planning a bachelorette party that lives up to the hype. Most don't know that the key to planning a really effective and fantastic Bachelorette party is by planning for the right venue, or more specifically, the right venues.

  A bachelorette party needs to have several different and dynamic venues that the bride can really love and go crazy at. They should include places like bars, casinos, clubs, and then also places like spas and cocktail lounges to provide a great amount of dynamism to the whole experience. A common mistake that people make is planning a bachelorette party to be at just one venue, and they often choose that venue to be someone's living room. This is not a mistake that you want to make because there's no way that a bride to be will be able to relieve all of her stress by hanging out and drinking wine in someone's living room. There's no fun in that! There need to be all sorts of fun and fantastic venues for her to really go wild at.

  However, there is a glaring issue when it comes to planning a bachelorette party, or a party or event of any sort, with multiple venues, and that is figuring out the transportation, and that is something that we understand all too well. With an event of this scale, you would typically need to separate into tons of different vehicles, and each driver would have to navigate busy traffic and worry about parking, and then you would have to worry about organizing meet up spots and organizing these groups several times throughout the night. On top of all of this, you also have the unfortunate task of assigning the dreaded designated drivers. And, depending on the size of your party, you will have to plan for several different designated drivers. Let's face it, no one wants to be the designated driver for a bachelorette party. But what is one to do? Well, a fantastic idea for the transportation of a bachelorette party is to rent a luxury vehicle, specifically a party bus! I had one when I planned a friends Chicago Bachelorette Party

  Party Buses are remarkable, mobile parties that are so fun that you will hit yourself for not thinking of it earlier! They are fantastic for bachelorette parties, as well as birthday parties, anniversaries, prom night celebrations, sporting event outings, and so on and so forth. There are truly endless possibilities with Party Buses. This is truly the answer for getting around to all of the different activities and events that you have planned for the bachelorette party in style! And while you and your party are on board of the bus you will be able to take full advantage of the fantastic features and amenities such as the hardwood floors for dancing, the concert quality premium speakers, the flat screen television sets with DVD playing capabilities, the color changing LED lights that set an unbridled ambiance, the comfortable and plush leather seats, and the granite topped bar areas with fully functional coolers that can store whatever kind of drinks that you would like. This means that it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board of party buses, which is a major plus for many people! With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why party buses are such a popular choice for bachelorette parties. It's great to ride in a Bachelorette Detroit Party Bus

  Being chosen as the maid of honor for a wedding is a tremendous honor, and it comes with tremendous responsibilities. The most of which is the planning of the bachelorette party. Don't plan a basic bachelorette party with just one setting, and alternatively don't plan one where the party must frequently split into multiple vehicles. Get the best of all worlds and rent a party bus! The party will appreciate it, the bride will revere you for it, and you will be proud of yourself for it.

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